Sponsors 2018

Herculion is the multimedia studio developing the visual novel and dating sim game Full Service! Full Service is a gay romance sim packed with beautiful CGs, music, voice acting and an exciting massage theme!

Imageworld is a full service printing/publishing entity that provides and fulfills various printing requirements ranging from Pre-Press, Offset, Digital Printing and “Print-On-Demand” Services using modern printing machines commercially available today. The company also engages in the importing of printing machines.

Printed products include but are not limited to: yearbooks, magazines, packaging, labels, brochures, calling cards, invitations, stickers, posters, leaflets, calendars, office/social and commercial forms, and now — DOUJINSHI AND COMICS!!!

AarinFantasy.com is the largest English yaoi online database! Penguin Frontier is an Artist devoted to Boy’s Love illustration! And together, they have joined forces to bring you some smoking hot goodies at BLushCon!

Champloo stems from chanpurū, an Okinawan word for ‘something mixed’ but can also stand for ‘easy-going’. Taking inspiration from Samurai Champloo, this site is a mish mash of things that makes us an otaku.

JPOP Manila is everything Japanese Pop Culture, for Filipino fans! JPOP Manila is a multi-awarded, internationally-affiliated Japanese pop culture blog based in the Philippines.

Whether it’s Stage Design, Production Design, or Costume Crafting, Make It Happen can make it happen!