#BLush801 Hashtag Party

#BLush801 is a hashtag party held on Twitter and Facebook from July 28 to August 01, 2020. The hashtag party is coordinated by BLush Convention as an effort to enjoy boys love culture around the world. It follows the format of an event previously hosted online called #801MMF (also known as “Yaoi Movable Manga Feast”). #801MMF was hosted by Otaku Champloo via Twitter.

Similar to the previous #801MMF, #Blush801 aims to be an inclusive party for fans of all iterations of boys love media, from the BL manga from Japan, danmei novels from China, South Korean BL webtoons, Thai BL dramas, shipping or coupling, and even original BL content. If there are other iterations of boys love from around the globe, we welcome these too!

As a week-long BL party, we hope that you would join us in celebrating this event with everyone! We’ve geared up a couple of activities for you during this week.

BL BINGO (July 28-August 01)

To participate:

  • BLush posts the base bingo card and invites people to answer
  • People can respond by reposting the image or quoting the BLush post as long as they use the hashtag #BLush801
  • People can also respond to the bingo by replying to the tweet, again using the hashtag #BLush801
  • BLush retweets their reply throughout the week.

BL RECOLOR (July 29 – August 01, 2020)

To join the BL party, artists can do the following:

  • They have to draw a line art of their favourite BL scenario using their favourite ship or original characters
  • They share it online, invite people to colour the line art, add a link to their shops, and then use the hashtag #BLush801
  • People can respond by posting their coloured versions or quoting the lineart post as long as they use the hashtag #BLush801
  • Blush retweets their work and all responses

For an idea on what to post, check out the art from BLushCon 2019 Guest Artist CinnamonRub!

BL 801 Festival (July 30-August 01)
Is a short content festival that will be hosted on the weekend of 801. It will be hosted on Otaku Champloo and will be advertised by BLush’s Twitter.

In this festival, Otaku Champloo will put up content related to boys’ love and fujoshi culture, and a similarly-themed podcast.