Exhibitors 2019

Mazjojo Productions

Mazjojo Productions create original Yaoi, Bara, and Gay contents. They are also the developers of independent BL game Full Service Game!

AniJK/Red Monster Shop

AniJK shop is an online shop which sells merchandise of an anime, J-pop and K-pop items. Red Monster Shop + Cafe is a multi-fandom store for anime, J-pop, and K-pop.


Fascinathings is a Philippine-based online shop of authentic anime and game collectibles, usually for sports/otome anime and otome games, catering exclusively to Philippine-based fans.

Sportasm Sports Attire Shop

Sportasm Sports Attire Shop supplies high-quality apparel inspired by your favourite sports anime!

Tokyo Fanatics

Tokyo Fanatics is a seller of small items straight from Japan. Our merchandise includes: gashapons, beauty/skincare products, Japanese magazines, and more.

T-Tees/Trash Girls

T-Tees is an online clothing shop that started in January 2010 for enthusiasts of art, music, games, and internet pop culture. Trash Girls is a place where you can order what is the fandom at the moment. We will ensure our best to get those items!

YOROKOBE by artbp

YOROKOBE by artbp are a BL/Yaoi artist circle by the organizers of artbp (art iba pa). This group is exclusively for such events only! We make illustrations of our favorite characters (and if we are confident enough, original characters) and turn them into fan merchandise.