Guests 2019

Cinnamon Rub

Cinnamon Rub, aka Scott, is a BL manga geek and original + fan artist whose interests and works range from fluffy to smutty and cute to brute. He’s most known for his fan works in the Haikyuu!! and Yuri!!! on ICE fandoms, his original BL comic series “Not yours, am I?”, and has regularly contributed comics and illustrations to BLush Anthologies.

Polyvinyl Parfait

Polyvinyl Parfait aka ketten almost exclusively draws only FGO. ketten has been a regular attendee of BLushcon and joined their artist table for the first time last year. ketten feels it is a great honor to be invited as a guest this year, and is looking forward to the event very much!


RUI is a visual artist and cosplayer, dabbling in content creation for BL, pop culture and games; contributor to two previous blush anthologies.


SOS is a group composed of Starrywhitewall, Plupip, Swordbreaker, and Sumafo!